Research So Far

PhD research:

Archeo Ficto is a study upon fictional narratives in Archaeology. The study is multi-discipline orientated and touches upon varied areas of research. The study has four meta-arguments:

(1) That Archaeology has to learn from latest scientific approaches in its interpretation, which means allowing more creative theory generation and to focus on disproving theories rather than trying always to prove them.

(2) That Archaeology should accept that fiction is part of archaeological interpretation and has a role in increasing the influence of archaeology

(3) That Archaeology needs to be aware of fictional narratives – to constrain those that are covert and to endorse overt fictional narratives, to give a more transparent and holistic interpretation of the past to the public.

(4) To display the invigorating potential that creativity can have on Archaeology.

The Areas of Research

  •  Fictional Narratives in Archaeology
  •  Creative use of Heritage
  •  Use of Creative writing in Archaeology
  • Tolkien Studies
  • Archaeological Theory
  • Fantasy Literature Theory
  • Philosophy of Knowledge


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